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By Eugene Struthers

Digital image construction, CMOS vs CCD, The image resolution, The Sensor, Optical resolution, Interpolated resolution.

The digital camera, How a Digital camera works, Image capture, Image processing, Storage, Camera Features, Lenses, Fixed focal length lens, Zoom lens camera, Zoom types, Viewfinders & Viewscreens, LCD menus.

Exposure controls, Sensor sensitivity, Exposure modes, Subject Program modes, Card readers, Using the camera,

Advanced Features , General & advanced settings, Advanced shooting techniques, More advanced techniques, Hidden Features.

Image file management, Scanners, Images types, Resizing, Image compression, Jpeg compression.

Image formats, Digital colour, Compressed & Uncompressed file formats, Editing, RAW Image adjustment tools.

Recprocity Law failure, Exposure bracketing, Extremes of lighting, Using a flash, Exposure segment Metering, Expert exposure control, Creative exposure, How to read a histogram, Focusing & drive modes, Photometry, Customise the white balance, Filters.

Professional composition, Filling the frame, Choosing the format, Using the “Rule of Thirds”, Choosing a viewpoint.

Editing techniques:- Cropping, Correcting colour, Contrast, sharpening, Creating a layer, Adjustment layers, Blending, Filters and effects, correcting colour, Basic RAW adjustments, Cross processing, Dodging and burning, Using layer masks, Photomerge Panorama, Mixing Monochrome & colour, Different types of printers.

Your photography business, Photojournalism, Specialist services, Software.

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