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New models required.

We are always looking for new glamour models 18+ to assist us with our photography course content.



              Glamour-Photography magazine



Welcome back. We are finally back online.  




Glamour-Photography magazine is an online resource for 18+ Amateur and professional Fine art, Glamour, Adult, and Erotic Photographers.


Each month we add new content and images from photographers all around the world.


This month's tutorial on the Inverse-square law can be found in the "Intermediate course." 


 Click hereInverse-square law



As an extra. I've added a few more Photoshop tutorials, "How to create the Cross processing effect" and "How to create the Nashville effect".  



Please bear with us, as we upload new content over the next couple of days. We are kind of playing catch-up about the course content and website. Due to being offline from September 2019–2020. Due to illness and a few technical issues with the website (Subscriber payments being rejected by PayPal).



The next edition will be on the 14th of each month. Then on the 1st of each month in 2021.                                       Click herePhotoshop tutorial


In the January 2024 edition, we started the Click hereIntermediate Level course   



Intermediate course: Click here

1) An Intermediate kit.
2) How to use a light meter.
3) Understand the histogram.
4) Dynamic range.
5) The Inverse-square law.
6) Colour calibration & correction.
7) Lighting techniques & and ratios.
8) Direction & and quality of light.
9) Lighting the nude.
10) Studio & and location flash photography setups.


Please note: Understanding your digital camera.  


Click here: Digital Camera course


The "Understanding your digital camera" course has been postponed until the Advanced Photography course has been completed.


Due to the content being of an in-depth and technical nature and more comprehensive. I felt it would be more relevant, in practical terms, to start the course at an "Advanced" level. The Advanced level, Photography course will give those new to photography a broader understanding and appreciation of the complexities of the modern digital camera. 


Thank you all for your kind emails and telephone inquiries. 


Our new subscription service via PayPal is now no longer active. Due to ongoing technical issues.


We currently don't have a "YouTube channel" or "Patreon" account. But we may start both once our subscription numbers increase.


We are currently in the final stages of putting together a PDF booklet for those interested in having a printed copy of our photography courses. 


I would like to thank those who took part in the poll on Instagram to help me decide the Subscription rates. 

We will keep this website affordable to all photographers who have a passion for 18+ Glamour/adult photography.


Please check in with us each week, as we add new articles and photography course content, and Photoshop tutorials.


Please drop me an email if you would like us to cover a topic not mentioned in any of our photography courses.

And if you would like to donate to keep this magazine online, please click on the donate button above.


Thanks for all your support and patience. 


See you all next month.

Editor & Photographer





Eugene Struthers


See you all next 


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