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           Focusing & drive modes explained


                                                              By Eugene Struthers

Understand the camera's focus and drive modes and you will be able to capture crystal clear sharp images even if your subject is moving.

Focus modes:-


This will depend if your subject is moving and if you need to focus automatically or manually.


Single servo AF:- In this mode your camera will only focus only once and will stay locked as long as you keep the shutter button pressed halfway down. If your subject moves you will need to re-focus. The default will only allow you to shoot once if the focus is locked.


Continuous Servo AF:- In this mode your camera will focus when you press the shutter button halfway, but with one exception. It will continue to re-focus as long as you keep the shutter button pressed halfway. This is ideal for tracking moving subjects. The default will allow you to take a shot even if focus is locked or not.


Manual:- There are many circumstances where autofocus will fail. Examples of this will be when your subject contains too much detail, geometric patterns, little contrast between subject and background, or when your model is striking a pose in a cage or is behind glass. If your autofocus fails, switch to manual focus and turn the focusing ring on the front of your camera to focus.

Focus Points:-


This will allow you to switch between your cameras different focus points in the AF area.


Single point AF:-This mode allows you to manually select a focus point to simplfy the situation when your model is off centre. The modern SLR's offer about 40 AF points. This is ideal for when the model remains stationary and does not move out side the preselected focus points.


Dynamic area AF:- This is similar to the Single shot AF, but with one very important difference. If you select continuous-servo AF a long with this mode. If your subject temporarily  leaves the selected AF point, the camera will focus using the surrounding AF points. This helps to capture irregular subject movement.

Drive Modes:-


The camera's drive mode determines if shots can be taken continuously or one at a time.


Single frame:- In the Single frame mode, the camera will only take one shot at a time once the shutter button is pressed. This mode is best reserved for still life, landscapes, portraits etc.


Continuous frame:- This is ideal for capturing the moment during sports, spontaneous movement or action. This is ideal for capturing a topless model whilst riding a bicycle.

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