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1) What is Glamour Photography?

Click here:  Glamour or porn    


2) What is Fine Art Photography?

Click here: Fine art photography


3) The Zone System

Click here: The zone system


4) A dedicated flash

Click here: dedicated flash


5) Aperture & Shutter settings

Click here: Aperture & Shutter settings


6) The studio Kit

Click here: The studio Kit


7) What is a full-frame?

Click here: What is a full-frame


8) How to shoot images intended for HDR.

Click here: HDR


9) How to make your Flash wireless

Click here: How to make your Flash wireless


10) Focusing & drive modes explained

Click here: Focusing & drive modes explained


11) Filters

Click here: Filters


12) Understanding your Digital camera

Click here: Understanding your Digital camera


13) Understanding Exposures

Click here: Understanding Exposures


14) Metering Modes

Click here: Metering Modes


15) Teach yourself to Use a Light Meter

Click here: Light-meter


16) Understanding which reflector to use

Click here: Reflectors


17) Setting up your DSLR for the studio flash

Click here: Studio flash


18) General photography settings

Click here: General photography settings.





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