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How would you like to be a glamour & adult model. 

Glamour-Photography magazine is always looking for new Glamour and adult models 18+ years of age.


Send us a general enquiry and we will get back to you. We are more than happy to meet your requirements. Either for an outdoor, home, location or studio photography shoot. 


We look forward to working with you. 


Please note: Two forms of original identification will be required to verify your age before we book an appointment with you.



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We are always looking for new models, mainly between the age of 18–30 to shoot for publication in adult magazines and websites. We are freelance content providers, and we are constantly looking for the new  "girl next door" unpublished model. Furthermore, we require two proofs of ID and one of these must be a photo ID, preferably a valid passport or driving licence. We will not shoot you without these, and you will need to sign a model release form before the shoot. Click here: Model release.


To save time. Please note before contacting us. That we will require you to work up to these levels, Click here: Model levels. We are not too concerned about your experience, as we have years of experience giving advice and directing models. Due to concerns from various publications and websites, please advise our team if you have any tattoos. We always like to know beforehand, so as not to disappoint and refuse to shoot the model on the day. Some publications do not want models with tattoos. We only work up to soft and hard Glamour/adult levels. We don't shoot boy/girl pornography stills.


You need to be confident, and relaxed and want to do this type of photography 100%. If you are unsure, or have any hesitation. Please don't apply. We require models who are ideally suited for this type of work. Who are comfortable being completely naked with their legs open. We shoot in various locations across the UK and prefer natural scenes and settings i.e. city flats, urban houses, stately homes, in and outdoor remote locations, staged studios etc.


You will be paid per hour for a minimum of two hours, or longer as required. Due to the nature of the photography we don't mind chaperones, partners or boyfriends etc. Once they have met our team, and checked that all is genuine and that you are safe and secure. We do ask that they leave the area of photography. They can drop you off and collect you later. Perhaps even sit in their car outside and wait.


Please contact us at any time if you would like to know more or feel you would like to work with us. Click onto the contact "blue" button below. 

         See you all

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